22 Surprise Eggs & Toys Unboxing. Disney, Kinder, Mashems, Flappy Bird, Trash Pack, Minecraft, Spongebob


22 Surprise Toys & Eggs Unboxing. We have Disney eggs, Kinder eggs large and normal size AND suprise toys including Mashems, Flappy Bird, Spongebob Squarepants, Trash Pack and Minecraft…. Phew!

Every kid loves surprise eggs and toys, it’s even better to watch a whole load of them be opened for you!

Should you buy them?: YES!

Price: Depending on the type, normal size Kinders are around $1, the large Kinders around $5.50, the surprise toys like Mashems and Minecraft between $5 and $7. Obviously the more you spend the better the toy (usually).

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