Criss Cross Crash – Mega Hot Wheels Set from 2006

Fastest Car Crashes with the Criss Cross Crash Hot Wheels Track Set

Car crashing mayhem, cars going so fast you can’t see them! This is one fun toy and one of our favorite Hot Wheels sets. This Hot Wheels “Criss Cross Crash” track set from way back 2006! It came with 10 cars (yes TEN!), lots of car crashes and fun.

It takes 4 big D batteries which power that spinning black wheel in the middle, as the cars go past the wheel they get a massive speed boost to propel them round the track. The black tracks actually take the car upside down it their apex so those cars need to go fast!

I fund this Criss Cross Crash track on Craigslist, in its box with all cars, well played with but fully working. So if you’re a Hot Wheels fan go searching your local area for bargains, try yard sales too!

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