Giant Hot Wheels track outside in the sun, ultimate fun

Hot Wheels Track Building Fun in The Sun

Last of the summer sunny days here in Vancouver, better spend it outside playing with Hot Wheels!!! We spent half a day building a big track, a few hours filming and a couple of hours letting the kids play. We used most of our Hot Wheels collection including:0

  • Hot Wheels Total Turbo Takeover
  • Hot Wheels Stunt Ramp Getaway
  • Hot Wheels Crossroad Crash
  • Hot Wheels Hoop Shot (the basketball board)
  • Hot Wheels 2 Speed power booster
  • Hot Wheels Drop Tower – Trick Tracks
  • Hot Wheels Track Essentials
  • Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage (spiral drop part)
  • HW Workshop Track Builder series. Some sound effects are added for fun (you knew that didn’t you?). The track and it all working is real and real fun!

More of our Hot Wheels Videos:
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► Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage playset, shark, helicopter, storage

► Hot Wheels Star Wars Death Star track:


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