Hot Wheels HW Total Turbo Takeover and Stunt Ramp Getaway

Not one but TWO Hot Wheel Hardware Workshop boxes in this play and review! We even have some fun crashes with added explosions and sound effects! Another must see fun toy video.

Hot Wheels “Total Turbo Takeover”

Total Turbo Takeover is one BIG box of Hot Wheels track and features. It is the kit that has a motorized car launcher, two loop the loops, a boulder trap and a spring’ed gate. It also comes with a great car, the red “33 – Hot Wheels Start Team”.

The motorized launcher is pretty noisy but great fun and makes it VERY easy to launch your cars down the track at full speed. What makes this a must have for Hot Wheels fans is to put it half way down your longest track designs, it simply allows you to double or tripple the length of your tracks, boosting them back up to full speed. With two lanes in the launcher unit you can do this twice simply by looping back to the second launcher lane!

It’s a bigger pricier box but well worth getting.


Hot Wheels “Stunt Ramp Getaway”

To make our track bigger and even more feature rich, we added the Stunt Ramp Getaway kit. A great value box that gives you 12 pieces of track, three sprung gates, a manual launcher and a must have cross over jump.

The price of this box in the shops is usually less than $15 US /  £10 UK / €10 Europe. If you see it get it or a similar box – they don’t seem to be in the  shops around here but there are similar Hot Wheels kits that have great value and similar contents.


Hot Wheels Track Sets on Amazon

Some real bargains here…

Hot Wheels Cars – That Work in These Tracks

The following Hot Wheels models work well in the Hot Wheels tracks. These cars go round the bends without slowing down drastically or stopping, they go through the loop-the-loops well, they go through the motorized launcher well.

The following are cars that we own, you saw in the video, these work well and are still available as we found them on Amazon, links provided.

Hot Wheels High School Bus
Sebby’s faveorite, well why not it’s a big yellow rocket propelled school bus!

Horse Play – X-Racers (various colors/version available)

Lotus Project M-250 (various colors/versions of this car are available):

Cars that DO and DO NOT Work well on Tracks

From our experience we find the shorter cars work great, longer cars slow down or get totally stuck on corners and rarely get through loop-the-loops. And then there are more obvious cars that are just too big like the raised suspension or big wheel trucks. Just because the Hot Wheels pack may say “HW Workshop” in green, it doesn’t mean the car will work on these “HW Workshop” tracks for the same reasons. There are also packets with “HW Race” written in red, these seem to be more likely to work on tracks than the other packs, not 100% definite but a much better chance.

So, see our links above.


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