Hot Wheels Star Wars Death Star Battle Blast and a Nitro Grinder

A Hot Wheels Death Star?! Wow, it explodes too! I love this Star Wars Hot Wheels Battle Blast set, it’s great fun and makes us laugh. It comes with a nice Stormtrooper hot wheels car and we also bought an X-Wing Hot Wheels car. We also have a look at a Nitro Grinder toy which is pretty good fun – we recommend you get one. As always we have a bit of chocolate (I love chocolate, some nice Lint Lindor).

Hot Wheels Star Wars Death Star Battle Blast

Sebby LOVES this Hot Wheels Death Star track, it is great fun and exciting to see it smash itself into pieces. Not the easiest Hot Wheels loop to build as it is designed to fall apart, well worth the effort though. We’ve been playing with it all week and Sebby can’t stop laughing, defiantly well worth the money (less than $15 US/Canadian – if you look for a sale). Expect to play with younger kids and help them build the track, older kids, say 6+, can probably build it themselves (it takes two hands and a bit of dexterity to build the loop without setting it off).


Nitro Grinder

We also play with our first Nitro Grinder. It’s a little collectible balanced wheel toy that you flick with your finger. It actually works well and goes pretty far and straight, the body is balanced and weighted. These could be good fun to make courses on a hard floor in a room or on a big table.


Hot Wheels Star Wars Death Star Battle Blast, Nitro GrinderThe Hot Wheels Death Star is also known as “Star Wars Bataille Contre L’Empire” and “Battle Del La Estrella De La Muerte”.

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