Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage – Video Play and Review

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage playset with a shark, helicopter, storage and ramps – by Mattel

We play with the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage set, a mega garage box set in a GIANT box, and it needs the big box! A lot of pieces to build, a giant sheet of stickers, five cars, a SHARK and a helicopter!!?! This is a great set that any Hot Wheels kid will love – I love it, Sebby loves it more. Non stop fun and a great place to store your collection of Hot Wheels cars, limitless hours of entertainment and feeding of your imagination at play time. There are sound effects, a spiral track that leads to a shark who tries to eat your cars, elevators, a helicopter that can pickup your cars, and a two track lane raceway with finish trip-flags. What is not to like!?

Do we recommend this toy? Did you read that above?!!? Yes!

We’ve been playing with this for hours, we went out and Sebby said he wanted to go home and play Hot Wheels!

We got ours from ToysRUs Canada online but shop around and get a good price, $99.99 US retail. It say ages 5+ on the box though personally our kid is 3.5 and knows just how to play with cars and this set including all the features.

Kid Toys Are Fun.

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