LEGO DUPLO: Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Beach Racing set 10539

jake and the never land pirates LEGO Duplo Beach Racing set 10539 animated review and play


“ARRRRRRGH I’m a Pirate”! Look at this me’harties, pirate themed LEGO Duplo pirates “beach racing”. From the Disney Junior TV series Jake and the Neverland Pirates this set contains DUPLO LEGO to build two racing pirate cars along with some scenery and two of the main characters from the show Skully the parrot and Captain Hook (the pirate baddy!).

it is the only LEGO box I found that contains Skully the parrot, even the bigger pirate ship boxes don’t have the Skully model so if you are a Skully fan this kit is a must have.

With 37 pieces of easy to use DUPLO LEGO it’s a great little box of LEGO for younger kids.

Check out the video for a look at the box, a build of the toy and a playthrough with me and Sebby who defiantly loves this pirate LEGO…… ARRRRGH!


  • It’s LEGO DUPLO – great for our youngsters with smaller hands.
  • Wheels! all kids love to push wheeled toys around
  • Sturdy and young kid proof. All parts are chunky strong DUPLO, even the plastic sails are thick plastic that kids won’t rip.
  • Includes Skully the parrot (seems to be the only Jake LEGO kit that does)
  • Big sails add unique character to this toy


  • You need a second kits to get the third main character Jake from the show.

Priced at $24.99 (US) $24.99 (Canada) £19.99 (UK). Model number 10539. Ages 2-5. 37 Pieces.

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