Stop Motion Build of the LEGO Helicarrier from Avengers

LEGO Marvel Superheroes SHIELD Helicarrier 76042 Building Video, Animated Stop Motion

Imagine seeing 3000 pieces of LEGO build in front of you into the Marvel SHIELD Helicarrier… imagine no more! It took me 40 hours to build and photograph each step, you can see it in eleven and a half minutes.

Also check out the “adding power functions video”, even if you aren’t adding power rotors and light to your own Helicarrier there is some nice footage of the working model 4:30 in.

Glorious stop motion animated photography and also available in 4K resolution (if you have a screen and internet connection to do that, do). The Hellicarrier is the massive flying ship from the Marvel Avengers series and Avengers films. Out this week as a $350 LEGO model of monstrous proportions and 2996 pieces it is a must have for any Avengers or LEGO fans.

Making a stop motion build video takes quite a bit of time, we’re already over 2000 individual photo steps, page 155 of the 439 page LEGO Helicarrier manual. Three days in we decided to make this a two part video, part two should be available some time next week. We strongly suggest subscribing to the YouTube channel (click here) so you don’t miss part two.

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LEGO’s Helicarrier Announcement Video:

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