LEGO Spider-Man Trike – Marvel Super Heroes 76014

We build and play with the very cool Spider-Man Trike LEGO kit that includes Spider-Man, Electro and Spiderman’s Spider-Trike (three wheeled motorbike).

A great LEGO model we recommend for all Spider-Man fans and LEGO fans alike. 70 pieces, the bike looks really nice and has flick missiles as well as an ejector type seat for spider to fling himself from. Electro has lots of really cool see through pieces. The kit is for 5-12 year olds (Sebby will have to watch daddy play with it for a couple of years!).


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Spider Man Trike vs Electro. Model 76014. 70 pieces.

LEGO Spider-Man Trike Build Review & Play - LEGO Super Heroes 76014

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