LEGO Star Wars Tie Advanced Prototype Play 75082

Stop Motion Animated Fun, watch our little into movie and build of this amazing LEGO Model – TIE ADvanced Prototype Kit 75082

Everyone loves LEGO and Star Wars and this model is both, not only that but it is the brand new (Jan 1st 2014) LEGO Star Wars Tie Advanced Prototype. A must have for any Star Wars fan and it includes the Inquisitor mini-figure (who? See here).


  • It’s LEGO… AND it’s Star Wars!
  • A must have model, Darth Vader drove this!
  • Great detail with lots of unique pieces, firing missiles, put the pilot inside, folding wings
  • Durable design and joints, you can play with it without it without bits falling off.
  • Around $40+Taxes so not bad value either (about the same price as a plastic model without all these features)


Should you buy it?: YES! Any Star Wars fan has to have this model in their collection!

At around $39.99 (US) $49.99 (Canada), +Taxes +Shipping the price isn’t bad, you can spend as much on a non-LEGO plastic toy version of this ship.

Available From:


LEGO Store Canada


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