Mario Kart Remote Control Toy Car by Carrera

Mario Kart Remote Control Toy Car by Carrera

Maria Kart is one of the coolest games ever and this makes the Mario Kart 7 remote control car the coolest remote control car ever!! It’s only logic.

We saw this in our local Costco supermarket filling the shelves for Christmas toys and I had to buy it. Just a bit of a Mario fan and it just looked so cool. Fingers were crossed that it would be a good R/C toy and so pleased to say it is excellent. Way way faster than I imagined it would be, the controls are great.

Note we are playing with it outside and it is a little wet. The instruction manual does say not to use it in the wet but here in Canada it’s now winter, it rains a lot and I’m not waiting until July 2016 to try this!

A great toy, a great RC car, we played for well over an hour and it was still going on the full charge we gave it. Lots of power. Was actually slippy in the old tennis court we were in (wet and mossy) which meant the wheels would slip on full power – just added to the fun! Highly recommended!

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