Play-Doh Diggin Rigs Fire Truck

Play-Doh Diggin Rigs Fire Truck

Play-Doh Diggin Rigs Fire Truck

So the box says 3+ but our Sebby is two and a half and loves this toy. He can’t really press the lever for the hose Playdoh squweezer as that’s quite a challenge but he still loves it when we help and there are also other pieces like the fire-hydrant mold he can and does use.


  • Great fun
  • Good construction and design. All pieces fit into slots on the truck.
  • Hours and hours of creative entertainment.
  • Fun for adults too, quality time with your kids
  • Great value (less than $15)


  • You’ll need to play with younger kids to get the most out of the toy, though they can play with most parts by themselves.

Should you buy it?: YES!

At around $12 to $17 + Taxes + Shipping it’s a great value Play-Doh toy.

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