Crafting Real 3D Toys – Qixels 3D Maker

First play fun with Qixels S3 3D Maker, what a great toy!

Sometimes you see a new toy and you know it’s going to be fun, AND creative, test your kids skills AND keep their attention. That’s what I thought when I saw the Qixels TV advert one Saturday and then I saw the box in the toy shop whilst looking at presents for a kids party we were going to. I didn’t get the kid the Qixels 3D Maker, I wanted that for me and Sebastian!

And we had lots of new, unique and challenging fun using it. Even from the outset there was so much tape in the packaging!!! But seriously, this is a great toy to get your kid using their fingers, following the instructions, to make something fun that they want to finish and have something to play with at the end.

If you’re kid is below say 6 you are going to have to help them with the occasional tricky parts, like removing the support blocks. There aren’t many creative or building toys that don’t need adult help.

The Qixels build system works well, it isn’t perfect and can never be – little cubes and stickiness and water are always going to cause problems when you have big fat fingers. But with patience and a little fiddling you get some fun and cool results. If anything, the difficulty level adds to the fun and the learning.

We spent a good 1.5 hours building our first model, that is with Sebastian doing a lot of the work and a few corrections along the way. I had a go by myself, as an adult with modelling skill from my youth, and managed to build a model in about 15 minutes (then 1 hour drying). Given practice I’m sure Sebastian will improve his time and skills.

Needless to say, I’d recommend a Qixels set, there are plenty of different ones to choose from.

Note: NONE of our videos are sponsored, we buy our own toys, this is really us playing with the toys and our opinions are 100% our own.

“Ampyx – Rise” by Argofox:
“Ghost’n’Ghost – Sir Ghostington” by Argofox:

And the blurb from the box:
“The Qixels 3D Maker gives you the power to shape and create Qixels in 3D! Use the 3D Maker’s unique ‘layer by layer’ technology to add another dimension to your creations and make them stand out from the rest. Build them up and build them out and start building a 3D Qixel World! Build up your design and brush with water and they magically stick together! When they dry, they stay and you’re ready to play! There are tonnes of cool themes to choose from in the 3D range!”

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