Rescue Bots Toys Special – Rescue Trailer Heatwave Chase Blades and more

Rescue Bots Toys Special. Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer, Heatwave Energize, Chase Energize, Blades Energize, Bumblebee, Cody and Morbot rescue bot toys.

Sebby’s favorite cartoon is currently the Rescue Bots and sure enough he LOVES the rescue bot toys we have today! Heatwave, Chase and Blades energizers, plus the Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer for them to go on; That’s not all – We also have a Bumblebee & Morbot set and a Optimus Prime and Cody set. So many rescue bots!

Transformer Rescue Bots are cool toys, great for the kids imagination too. Rescue Bots is also a great cartoon for younger kids (no violence). Amazing how they transform with one simple turn of a button – easy for young kids too.

Love the quality of these Rescue Bot toys, solid thick feeling plastic, colorful and easy to transform. Should last any kid a long time and take a lot of abuse from hard playing.


Rescue Bots Energizer Toys
Rescue Bots Energizer Toys

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