Robo Robot Fish and Despicable Me Play-Doh Minions

The Despicable Me Play-Doh minions Kevin and Stuart keep our Robo robot fish company in the water. And a look at a flashing ball from inside one of those flashing rubber toys!

Robo robot fish sounds like a fun toy, turns out it is! Sebby loves it, has been putting the fish back in every day the past week (we take the fish out after about an hour to keep the battery going). I must say it is quite nice having fish, a time passer, and this is a pretty decent “not real fish” alternative. Well worth the money. Maybe better than having a real fish… ?

We knew we’d love Despicable Me Play Doh set simply because it has Stuart and Kevin Minions in it, and we love Play Doh AND minions!


Fun Toys Robo Robot Fish and Despicable Me Minion Play Doh

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