ROLLER COASTER – K’Nex Typhoon Frenzy

ROLLER COASTER – K’Nex Typhoon Frenzy – Fun Fun Fun Toys

In the GIANT RED Egg today we have a GIANT Toy – a ROLLER COASTER (or as Sebby likes to call it – a train set!? Kinda correct).

I’ve been wanting to buy one of these K’NEX coaster building sets for a long time. Much like a LEGO set you have to build this from an instruction book, it has 649 plastic cogs, clips, sticks, bendy track and best of all a motor! Yes this is a powered motorized model – switch it on and watch the roller coaster run for hours and hours. We’ve had it a few days and we keep playing with it every day just to watch the roller coaster cart climb up to the top and then whiz down the track so smoothly, quite memorizing. It’s also easy to take it apart and re-build to your own design, I’m itching to try making a different roller-coaster but I also don’t want to take it to bits just yet….. soon though. COOL TOY! Lots of fun building it, a touch harder than building a LEGO set but at the same time I think I might have enjoyed it more!!!

Let us know in the comments if you think we should get more K’NEX models, or maybe more roller-coaster track and make a HUGE roller coaster… what do you think?



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