Star Wars Millennium Falcon Flying Remote Control Toy

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Flying Remote Control Toy

Oh my!! The Millennium Falcon – it not only looks great, it has lights and you can fly it. Cooler than a panda in shades, maximum show off to your friends points too.

It’s gotta be one of the must have toys from the new Star Wars Force Friday releases, maybe that BB-8 robot is cuter but this is cooler and to the older Star Wars fans defiantly has the nostalgic factor. Would also be great for video makers and active kid minds alike who want to re-create scenes from the films – live action style.

It is slightly tricky to fly but with practice you’ll get better, sensitive and gentle touches on the joysticks is all that is required. So defiantly not a toy for small kids, 9+ years maybe.

Indoor play preferred, it says this on the box and we also tried it outside in the slightest of winds and it would slowly drift away no matter how hard you pushed on the joystick.

A full charge from empty takes about 1 hour 30 minutes. You can use a USB charger connected to the controller too – so not using your batteries. Flight time is about 12 minutes (constant in the air). Doesn’t sound a lot but it is enough to keep you coming back for another play and is also about normal for a flying toy this size.

There are plenty of cheaper quad copters out there that perform very similarly to this one. However you are also getting a Millennium Falcon, with lights, that looks amazing. It also has sounds in the controller but personally I don’t really care that much for them and turn them off (I think I’m in the minority there).

It is very very resistant to damage, it’s made of a thick foam and the fans are also in-set inside the model so won’t hit anything when you crash. I quite honestly can’t see it breaking, much better than say a helicopter toy where the blades hit things and break.

One minor thing, I haven’t owned any Air Hogs models before but if you’ve seen our X-Wing review you’ll know that it had problems. This Millennium Falcon has one itself but happens to be one I’m not at all bothered about. It has a trigger button on the right that is meant to be “hyperdrive”; pressing the trigger is meant to flash the blue exhaust light, play a sound and move the flying model forward but simply does nothing. No big deal, just a novelty feature and I don’t miss it (have seen it in other videos – no big deal).

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