Talking Spiderman Mask Play-Doh Launch-O-Rama Game and Venom Model

Talking SpiderMan Mask Play-Doh Launch-O-Rama Game and Venom Model

Three amazing toys today; the amazing SpiderMan talking mask, Venom from Spider-man AND a Play-Doh three player game where you get to shoot Play-Doh out of catapults!

Must be said all these toys are great and all well worth owning. The Spider Man mask is Sebby’s favorite, he has been wearing it everywhere. We have a great laugh shooting the rubber bands with the Venom model, Sebby has a bit of trouble shooting by himself so parents need to help – would be fine for a five year old for sure. Play-Doh launch-o-rama looks like great fun and it certainly is, not only is it a fun game for three players but it also has a number of little molds for more traditional Play-Doh’ing.

The Toys in this Video

Also this Venom figure but on a bike:

Talking Spiderman Mask Playdoh Launch-O-Rama Game and Venom Model


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