Two Thomas Track-Master Sets – Shipwreck Rails and Avalanche Escape

Not one but TWO Thomas the Tank Engine Track-Master sets built, played with, joined together and played with again! Filmed in glorious 4K super high definition.

Two Thomas Track-Master Sets – Shipwreck Rails and Avalanche Escape

We love train sets, we have a Dupo LEGO Train set already and thought it about time to get the Thomas & Friends Track Master motorized railway. Since we left it so long we got TWO! We got the 360 degree train spinning “Shipwreck Rails” set which is based on the Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure story. The second set is the Avalanche Escape that has the swinging broken bridge section, based on the “Tale of the Brave” story.

Thomas the tank engine comes in both packs so we now have two motorized Thomas engines. They are both blue of course, the Shipwreck Rail train has dirt decorations splattered on the side and also have a carriage that operated the “rock” switch that collects a rock from inside the tunnel.

Building the Set

The sets take 30 to 60 minutes to setup (each). Reading the reviews on it sounds like some people find the setup hard but we can say it is quite straight forward but you do have to follow the instructions, trying to guess doesn’t work – I know, I tried! Each track piece has a code on the bottom of it like “S1”, “S2”, “ECR”. You simply look at the supplied instruction sheet to see which piece goes where…. simple! Helps to lay out the pieces on the floor first.

Saying all that, the Avalanche Escape set was a bit harder to put together simply because the instruction sheet was in black and white, the Shipwreck Rails sheet was bigger and in color.

Big Tip: We noticed in reviews on Amazon and in our own Avalanche Escape set, the bridge would not close or stay closed and ready for the train as the train came up, causing it not to cross correctly. We fixed this simply by putting a sticky pad under the red tower, see the end of our video review for more detail.

Worth Getting? Which Set is Best?

First of all I will tell you we bought these toys with our own money, as with all the toys we have. Saying that, we’re spending a lot of money and time – please like and subscribe on YouTube to help!

Quite honestly the sets are fantastic, we highly recommend purchasing any of the motorized Thomas and Friends Track Master sets though we only own these two at the moment.

Both the Avalanche Express set and the Shipwreck Rails have motorized Thomas trains, both have a big feature (bridge or 360 spiral fall), both build to around the same size. Avalanche Escape does have more features with the sides falling off the second bridge and the popup scary robot machine. But the Shipwreck Rails has the really impressive 360 spiral fall. Both have an item to collect in the trains cart (rock or treasure chest).

It’s hard to pick one over the other! All in all go for the one that you can get on sale cheaper or just get both! The two set literally are twice the fun. See the video review.

Convince Me!

Every kid and big kid should have a train set. These are great train sets! They also have unique features like the bridge and spiral. They keep you and your kid interacted with the normal train set things like when a train comes off the track, but also to reset special features like put back the rock and the  treasure chest, and reset the robot, reset the second bridges sides. And on top of all this it is Thomas the tank engine!

Go buy some now.


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Two Thomas Track-Master Sets – Shipwreck Rails and Avalanche Escape



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